Thursday, June 19, 2014

Auction of Stitch Items Online!

I have been a bad blogger - still working like heck on my garden every waking hour instead - but wanted to let you know about this auction online right now by Embroiderers' Association of Canada. There is even a stash package (above) that would be great for crazy quilting!

 I have one item in there I hope will bring in a few dollars for EAC.  You can see the details on the photo above.  It is a piece of vintage caribou hair tufting, a Canadian First Nations fibre art form.

This piece is still in its original frame with the documentation on the back from The Arctic Trading Company.
Pretty neat stuff!  A piece of history for your fibre art collection!  And it is going for a bargain price as well!
Here are a couple more samples of what is up for bid.

There are lots of other items too - you will have to check it out at the auction.  Don't delay though - bidding closes on June 29th!  

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