Friday, June 6, 2014

Why Haven't I Been Stitching?

I haven't stitched or posted in a week and it is because with it being spring and all, I have been out in the garden.  Actually, with having worked away the last seven years for the four summer months each year, the garden has gone to rack and ruin!  My poor husband had so much on his plate with me away and the long work hours the warm weather brings, most of the garden had come completely to grass and weeds - some of which were taller than me!
 My tomato and pepper plants are in now and happy in their spot.

 I have managed to get quite a bit of the garden rototilled and raked so far.

 My husband has built some new frames for some of the beds.

Bringing a garden back from the edge like this is almost like starting a new garden entirely and it has the same excitement.  Some of the permanent plants, like the Saskatoon berries and the asparagus bed survived but just need some TLC to bring them back to health.  The rhubarb plant actually died - I didn't think it was possible to kill a rhubarb!  My strawberry patch was choked out by grass and needs to be replanted and I want to get a new rhubarb and some raspberry canes in as well.

 Sadly enough, this is my asparagus patch.

 These are my poor neglected Saskatoon bushes.

 Believe it or not, this used to be a nice productive strawberry patch!

Once the veggie garden is all brought back to life, I can start on the flowers.  To show you how much work I have ahead of me, this was a lovely flower bed, full of perennials - columbines, lilies, delphinium, etc.  So much to do!!


Annie said...

You are such an inspiration! Always doing something new. Bet your artistic touch will make this garden into a showcase in no time!

Barb said...

You do have some work cut out for you but it will be so worth it.

Suztats said...

Lots of work ahead, but the resulting produce will be all the tastier.....I'm reclaiming neglected, bindweed-filled flower and veg beds, too, in our new-to-us home. It's taking lots of time, and I don't have a roto-tiller! But my beds are a bit smaller than! Enjoy the labour, but take time to rest, too.