Thursday, May 8, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Canvas Candy Bowl

I thought I would share what I am working on right now.  This work in progress is Canvas Candy Bowl designed by Carol Storie of Heartfelt Designs.  Carol has lots of wonderful designs on her website but you won't find this one there because it is only available as an EAC correspondence course right now.  A group of us on the Virtual Threads chapter of EAC are working on it together and loving it!
For someone who shunned canvaswork for a long time, I now can't get enough of it because of beautiful designs like this.  Love the design - love working on it!  It won't be long before I have a photo of the finished project to share.  Right now I am packing for 10 days away and this is definitely going into the bag to be worked on in spare moments.

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