Wednesday, May 21, 2014

15 Sided Biscornu for Barbara

Sometimes it must seem like I don't do any stitching but sometimes what I am doing is part of a surprise like this 15 sided  biscornu that EAC President, Joyce Gill, presented to Education Director and former President, Barbara Gilbert.  Then I have to wait patiently for a chance to post about it until after the presentation.

 It is always fun to be part of a group effort like this!  We were all given the size that we needed to work with as well as "flowers" for a theme.
 My little piece is the geometric flower design at the top right corner of this second photo.  All the contributions were lovely stitching and so different!
Joyce put all the pieces together and it was presented to Barbara at the EAC Board Meeting at Seminar in Ottawa last week

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Marilyn said...

It was worth the wait. Barbara must have been thrilled with her lovely biscornu.