Monday, April 14, 2014

Bracelet with Tutorial

 I recently saw one of the shibori ribbon bracelets people are making and it reminded me of something I had wanted to try.  This is the cuff that I have made.
 I started with three lengths of wide ribbon and sewed them together.  Next I hand basted across the width of the ribbon in order to create uneven gathers when I pulled up the basting threads.
I added a couple of favourite buttons as the centre focal point and then started beading in the folds of the gathered ribbon.

 The gathers were easy to manipulate because of the way the gathers were basted so I could tuck beads into anywhere I wanted them.
 The edges of the ribbon were already finished so there was no need to turn it under.  I wanted the shape to be organic so it is not even on the edges.  I backed the bracelet with wool felt for comfort in wearing and finished the ends.
 Add a loop and a button for closure and there you have it.
Ta-duh!  Lots of fun and I will likely have another go at it when I find some more ribbon I like.


Annie said...

Beautiful work. I see Vikki Clayton sells that ribbon. I had no idea of its potential!

Marilyn said...

Great idea Kerry. I'll have to check through my ribbon stash. I did order a small amount of the shibori ribbon and had it sent to a friend who was in Arizona for the winter. Haven't seen her yet but she's back in Canada so I should get it soon. The postage to Canada was $23 and it was only $6 to the US.

Joyce from PEI said...

WOW!! This is amazing. Was it Shibori Ribbon that you used to start with? Or just regular fancy ribbon?

Daphne Gallagher said...

Such beauty! What kind of ribbon did you use? What weight?

Kerry Leslie said...

Thank you for your kind words, Daphne. I don't remember exactly what the ribbon was - I know it wasn't silk though. It was fairly inexpensive ribbon from Michaels, wired both sides, came on a roll and was the widest they had with a nice colour graduation. Hope this is some help!