Monday, November 26, 2012

Janet's Fools Gold Round Robin Block

This is the little six inch quilt block I embellished for Janet in the Fools Gold Round Robin at CQI.  If you follow along with my misadventures here, you may remember I had lost all my inspiration and, in fact, thought perhaps my muse had perished.  Well, thanks to all the great advice I received in everyone's comments, it appears she is alive and well and has come out of hiding at last - thanks!
I have to give everyone in this round robin a huge shout out for their incredible patience with me while I have been sitting here twiddling my thumbs, unable to pick up a needle.  Now I am on a roll again, I have two more blocks to finish up and send on and then I am retiring from round robins so I don't get myself in a pickle like this again.
Here is a closeup of what was one of my favourite things to stitch on this block.  I created the evergreen twigs by looking at a photo of actual twigs and simply trying to recreate what I saw with needle and thread.  This is my favourite type of stitching I think.  Then, since it was a Christmas block, I made it into part of a Christmas tree by "hanging" some gold charms to look like Christmas tree ornaments.  Fun!


gocrazywithme said...

I love it, Kerry! It's going to look so great with the other two Santa blocks! It was originally going to be a gift, but I think I might have to keep it for myself.

Suztats said...

Glad your Muse is back!
Wonderful tree branch!

Arts and Crafts said...

Very Nice Kerry, glad your muse is up and running again, it has been missed. I will send you my block early next year, too late now with Christmas almost upon us. Has his Majesty arrived home yet? Arlene

NickiLee said...

Beautiful! I love this block!!!