Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Day at the Lake

 Yesterday I spent most of the day out at the lake with my friend Ibrahim - it was the first day of fishing season!  He got a bite almost right away, catching a nice little burbot.  After that we were pulling out walleye one after another.  I even caught one!  In five years at the lake I have only caught two fish, neither of which were "keepers" so catching one is a big deal for me.
 I will definitely never miss the opening day of fishing season again if I can help it.
 We were fishing in the canal and the scenery woke up my love for this place again.  Good thing since tomorrow I start four months living there!  lol
 The birds were out in full force - red-winged blackbirds, yellow-headed blackbirds, Canada geese, meadowlarks, miscellaneous songbirds and ducks, and of course - the pelicans!  Some day I will mange to get a good photo of these magnificent birds and I`ll blow it up and frame it.  In the meantime, these two took off and flew over the other side of the canal from us.
 While I was out there I had to see what sort of work was waiting for me starting tomorrow.  No photos of the outhouses - the pictures wouldn`t be fit for human consumption.  Just let me say I will definitely be renting a pressure washer this weekend.
The recent rains have made the grass long enough it needs mowing right away and the dandelions are blooming in full force.  Oh yes, and some blasted farmer let his cows run in the park again this winter so I`ll be out collecting fertilizer again this spring.  Anyone want a garbage bag or two?? lol


Mosaic Magpie said...

Glad to see the fishing was successful, you did not say you wanted a big fish....just a fish! The photos of the area and seeing all those birds will be delightful.
Have fun with pressure washer, I love using one of those, where you clean looks so nice you hate to stop. You will soon have everything in order and be ready to enjoy yourself.

Arlene White said...

Kerry, Buddy, don't forget to it will all grow back again, so why bother..... just kidding.... the sky looks so blue, the day looks glorious.
Pity about all this prep work, but I guess someone has to do it. Each time we have a major camp at the Scout ground we need to get in and tidy up too.