Monday, May 7, 2012

Another Fools Gold Block

 I finished up another of the DYB blocks in the Fools Gold round robins and just realized I had not posted it yet.  The central motif was chosen from a package of requested designs in the round robin package when it arrived, all William Morris designs.  I struggled with this design and then struggled to add my own input once it was on the block.  Happily though the stitching got easier once the postal service brought me the Japan gold and the package of gold Kreinik braids I had ordered.
The first block stitched featured a William Morris design called The Strawberry Thief - a lovely bird holding a strawberry in its beak.  I added a strawberry of my own to this block to tie the blocks together.  This one was made by couching Japan gold thread down.  The foliage was added with silk ribbon.

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