Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Slow Progress

I don't have a lot of stitching to share since I am still working on my Sendai block, making s-l-o-w progress. I have finished the extension of the geometric pattern from the corner patch to the surrounding area and have added a couple silk ribbon flowers to mirror those on the original kimono fabric. 
In the other bottom corner of the block I have now added two buttons, one large vintage brass one and a heart shaped one and strings of metallic beads between the two to counter the metallic trim I added around the central kimono fabric. Under the buttons and beads I sewed down a meandering strip of kimono trim. 
I finished off my silk ribbon and bead lanterns by adding a second section of beading lower down on each.  I thought about trying to paint florals on the silk ribbons but then gave my head a shake on that one.  Too tiny and complex - would likely end up a recipe for disaster.
I have added one seam treatment of buttonhole fan shapes, in Glorianna Princess Petite Pearl silk thread in an absolutely gorgeous variagated colour called "Harvest Grape". 
So, that is as far as I have got on this one.  Hopefully I will be able to finish it before too long since the block seems to have decided to speak to me finally!

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