Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bored at the Lake

It is so boring today!  All the campers but one have left and they are serious fishermen who I never see except when they are putting their boat in the water or taking it out.  It is cold and grey and the predicted thunderstorms are threatening to start.  Soooo bored I can't even read!  I finished a good one yesterday though.
Rockwood, written by Frank Parker Day in 1928, was a CBC Canada Reads winner in 2005, which is a high recommendation in my books.  Also, since we had visited the south shore of Nova Scotia while on holidays in April, I was doubly intrigued when I saw the book at the local library.  I enjoyed the book very much, including the "down home" dialect.  Good read!
I took some photos at Peggy's Cove on the south shore while we were there.  I really think it must be one of the most photographed and painted places in Canada - certainly one of the most picturesque.
Here are a couple of the ones I took:

According to legend, Peggys` Cove was named after the only survivor of a schooner that ran aground and sank in 1800...a woman named Margret. Local folk called her `Peggy` and her home came to be known as Peggy`s Cove.

While at Peggy's Cove, we also visited the memorial to the victims of the Swiss air disaster.  It is a beautiful, tastefully done memorial to those who perished:  one solid stone split exactly down the centerand separated, both sides polished and engraved. 

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Carol said...

Funny Thing, one of my blog friends lives there and posted pics of the area and Peggy's Cove this morning. It really makes me want to travel there and soak up the history.
xx, Carol