Thursday, August 13, 2009

Notes from the Lake - Whine and Roses

First, the roses... This little blossom is the wild rose, which is incidentally the provincial flower for Alberta. It grows low to the ground and is very hardy - comes back year after year no matter how many times it gets mowed down. Smells gorgeous too.

Now, the whine... It is "crunch time", the time that comes each year when I just want to go home so bad and would quit my job at the drop of a hat and leave the lake to go back to my home, sweet home. I am so homesick! DD, Katie, will be moving to the city the 26th of August so she will be gone before I even get home! It makes me so sad that she will be gone and that I am missing 0ut on all the fun of helping with the first apartment - picking towels and shower curtains, talking about how the furniture will be arranged, etc. Duke, the bloodhound, is getting into all sorts of trouble because there is no one there all day - that would usually be me that would be there to keep him company and watch he doesn't get into mischief while everyone is at work.
Just today he managed to chew up the last of the three phones he has demolished this week and topped it off by eating the remote controls for both the tv and the satellite system. DH is not amused. Lots of friction caused by this but, really, it is because the dog is lonely too - like me out here! Maybe I should chew up something... besides donuts. I want to jump in my truck and pop off to visit the kids and not have to worry about the 24/7 that the campground is each year. Enough whining I guess - anyone have some cheese to go with this whine?


Bobbi Pohl said...

The wild rose is the state flower of Iowa, too. That's my home state. We don't see them here in Maryland. How old is the dog? My Glenna chewed up a lot of stuff when she was a pup, especially when I was away. It helped to use DAP, the calming pheromone, for at home when I traveled. Hang in there.

Cathy K said...

Kerry - my heart goes out to you, missing Katie's Big Move. But there will be lots of other "firsts", so try to cheer up! ((huggggs)) We used to have a malamute that chewed on our outdoor cable box. Someone told us to put Tabasco sauce on it to stop her. It didn't - she loved Tabasco. We ended up having the cable box moved instead, LOL. These will be future Tales To Tell. Not so funny now, though. Hugs, Cathy

CarolynPhi said...

Hi Kerry:

Your dog is adorable!!!

I was lucky enough to go to Alberta several years back, and I fell in love with these little Alberta Roses. I also got to see the Canadian Rockies, AND those gorgeous clouds (they have a name I can't remember!)

I'm so sorry you won't be around for your DD's move: I know you must be crushed, but this may be something that she needs to do on her own...maybe.

From one Mommy to another, healing hugs...