Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Debbie's Christmas Block - again!

Well, I thought I was done with Debbie's Christmas block when I posted a picture of it earlier but I just had to go back and add a little more. I like it better now - I can still see more places I would like to add more work but this time I really will mail it! It is in the envelope with postage etc so this is it! lol
I decided that the vintage star sequins were a little too flat and uninteresting so I removed them and did it again. This time each one has a sequin, then a bead, another sequin and another bead. I think the added depth adds a bit more interest.

This area of the block was bothering me that it was too bare and I had these great sequins I found recently and decided to make three sequin flowers here. These sequins are quite large - now I am starting to worry about how many larger size motifs I have on this block. Time to stop second guessing myself though - Debbie can tweak to her hearts content when the block gets home.
So, I think this is the most sequins I have ever used on one piece. I guess I am in a sequin phase! lol

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