Saturday, August 15, 2009

Debbie Q's Christmas Round Robin Block

I have finished my work on Debbie's block for the Christmas Round Robin I am in. I have already posted the two waste canvas cross stitch motifs I have done. If you look closely you will see three of my BAS seams as well: the braid applied to the ribbon surrounding the silkie Debbie provided was one,under the deer is my Hedebo edging with beads, and the seam between the blue and burgundy patches is my sample of Sorbello stitch.
I have been wanting to try the bullion stitch Christmas puddings from A - Z of Bullions for awhile now so this was my chance. They were a lot of fun to do!

I have admired the lovely pine cones I have seen people stitch so I wanted to try one. I built an evergreen branch with stem stitch wood and needles and then built a cone with sequins and seed beads.
I feel like I could keep stitching on this block for another couple weeks but I have to send it on sometime so I guess it is time to quit. I sincerely hope Debbie likes it!

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Anonymous said...

Rest assured Miss Kerry, Debbie LOVES it!!! I love everything you have done on this block! What fun!! Debbie (Maine)