Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March Block Lottery

Well, I have my five blocks done for the March Block Lottery early this month! You can see them here as well as the secondary pattern they form. The block is called Arrowhead Puzzle.
It is another 12" block from The Quilters Cache. I really enjoyed this one and would like to make something from it someday. It is a good beginner block - vouched for by this beginner! All 3-1/2" squares - the black patches and the white patches are the same in each block - the others were done in choices of scraps and it made it interesting. Now I'll have to keep my fingers crossed to win the lottery!


morvoren said...

Very lovely Kerry :O)
Does this mean you are not ''Crazy'' anymore giggles!!!!
Or just getting straigtened out for to laugh havent we?
Anyhow...lovely colour combination and work are they all hand sewn down?
Hugs Pam

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Never fear, Pam! I'll always be a "crazy lady"! lol