Saturday, November 8, 2008

Scissor Case

These are pictures of a small scissor case I made for a friend's embroidery scissors as a small token of friendship and appreciation. It started with a small square lace doily I came across in the thrift store - it jumped out and shouted scissor case at me! It was fairly easy to come up with a plan to do it. First I took a piece of burgundy velvet and sewed it to one side of the doily, turning the edges of the velvet over and leaving a plain lace section for the flap. Then I folded two "kitty corners" of the doily together and hand stitched it together from where the corners met down to one point. So, now I had a small scissor case, lined in velvet, and the fun part could begin - the embellishing. I sewed a button to the flap and then sewed a loop of gold trim to the front of the scissor case so the flap could be buttoned closed. The ends of the gold trim were buried under the next layer - more lace bits. On top of that went ribbon roses, silk ribbon leaves, a few small loops of pearl beads and a few single beads. It was still lacking something so I strung larger loops of beads and attached them to the bottom.
It will be a surprise when it arrives but I hope my friend likes it!


Annie said...

That is just marvelous! What a creative idea.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Thank you Annie! It was fun!

Simona said...

So nice and feminine, Kerry!

Cathy K said...

You are so clever! I LOVE the scissors case and it's so feminine (and cheap to make, too, I bet!). Your friend is going to love it. Hugs, Cathy

morvoren said...

Adorable case that is so pretty and Victorian looking too.
Friend like it??? she will LOVE IT.

Thanks for these ideas you are very talented.
Hugs Pam

Anonymous said...

Kerry - the scissors case is beautiful! What a lovely gift.
Joyce in BC