Monday, November 17, 2008

Build a Seam - Samples for Week 6 & 7

These are the samples I came up with on the Week 6 and 7 Build a Seam. On the first one, the woven stitch, I added a hand dyed lace butterfly in the center of the seam to cover where my hands were too rough and caught the fibers of the pink silk perle. Then I added the tiniest little sequins sent to me by a sweet friend. I usually attach sequins with a bead but these wonderful sequins are so small they would have disappeared under my smallest beads so they were simply sewn on with one strand of matching floss with small straight stitches.

With the tied cross stitch from Week 7, I stitched another row of the same stitch on either side and then and then added a gold bead at each intersection.

Both of these are simple solutions to the seam challenge but I like both of them!

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