Sunday, March 2, 2008

Teacup Block Finished

Well, the little teacup block is finished now so I'll take it to Guild on Friday. I did a beaded tea leave in the upper right hand corner. In the lower left hand corner I placed some premade ribbon roses and pearl teadrops and to the right of that a button cluster with some old buttons I lucked into at the thrift store. There is a copper one, a mother of pearl, one metal one as well as a vintage painted metal button. The last one i a vintage Slovakian glass button. I did a beaded feather stitch seam by the tea bag and constructed another seam under the teapot charm with sequins and silver lined glass seed beads. All in all I'm quite pleased with how the block turnd out - it is time for it to be done anyway!

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Cheryl said...

Hi Kerry,

I love how you incorporated the cross stitch into your piece. I haven't tried that yet, but after seeing yours, I think I will!