Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ms Bamboo

Here is Ms. Bamboo in all her glory after my friend, Dee, sewed and stuffed her. Ms. Bamboo was the product of a cq teddy bear round robin and took two years to make the rounds but some things are worth waiting for I guess. This teddy bear was destined for Dee's panda loving daughter, Emily, from the very beginning. She was pieced all in black and white like the pandas Emily loves and as she made the rounds, and then made the rounds again, everyone who stitched on her did so with Dee, Emily and pandas in mind!

There is some beautiful stitching done by friends whose work I admire to no end! I love round robins because I get to see techniques in person that I have not tried yet and it is so inspiring to step out of your comfort zone and try them too! Since I had the pleasure of being the last to stitch on Ms. Bamboo before she flew off home I had a lovely treat of feasting on all the stitching eye candy that had come before mine.

Thank you, Dee, for sharing the picture of Ms. Bamboo in her assembled beauty. I have written a bit before here on some work I was doing on her so I was very pleased to have your permission to post this picture of her finished as a followup. I hope Emily will love her!

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