Monday, March 24, 2008

CQI Beaded RR #2 (Simona's Block)

After a great Easter weekend, full of family fun, I am getting around to posting a picture of the work I did on Simona's block in this round robin. I think I was overly ambitious and might have bit off more than I could chew, but it was to try to challenge myself. So, although it is far from perfect it is my best at this point in time and that is what I try to do on each round robin - my personal best. I'm not a beader so this "all beaded" round robin is new to me. The flower motif is inspired by the A - Z Beaded Embroidery Book. The feather stitch is my favourite beaded seam treatment that I always fall back on. I tried to do a lace stitch seam above - attempting to convert this seam treatment that is very popular recently at CQI, into beads. The last motif I did on the little black patch were three of the sequin and bead flowers from new my favourite book I have mentioned before - I love these little flowers! lol I hope Simona will be pleased and now I'll wait for the next block to arrive in the mail.

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