Saturday, March 21, 2015

Build a Seam (BAS) #86 Double Cross Stitch & New Stitch Program

I have been having a blast playing with my new computer program, Easygrapher Stitch Wiz.  It allows you to make diagrams of stitches - I wish I had had this when I was actively posting on the Build a Seam (BAS) stitches!  I may just have to take it up again - I wonder if anyone would be interested?

Before I had this program, this is how I would do my stitch diagrams, by showing the progression of the stitch with needle and thread and then long, windy descriptions of where to bring your needle up and take it down in which direction.  
Now I can do the same thing with the arrows and little numbers I can put on the stitch lines in the diagram.  Still figuring out the ins and outs of the program and how to get the arrows where you can see them!  If you start on the end with the number on this diagram though, you will be going the right way. 
So, after a long absence,  Double Cross Stitch is the next BAS.  It is a useful little stitch that makes a nice dense line or you can space them out and add a bead or other stitch in between.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I have just begun to actively learn crazy quilt. I like your diagram in the program. It's easy to see where to place the needle next. Vicki B has started an embellishment group on facebook with no instruction on how to complete the stitches. A few times I couldn't find it on the internet...such as the zig zag blanket stitch. Maybe it's out there in another name. I inquired with no response. Have YOU ever heard of it?
xx, Carol

Anonymous said...

Kerry, if you decided to do a BAS series, I would be interested. I always liked seeing what you did with that. Looks like a great program!

dezertsuz at gmail