Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Heart Exchange at CGNFA

 T|o celebrate Valentine's Day at this week's guild meeting, we had an exchange of heart ornaments.  This is the delightful ornament I received from Freda Murfin.
 Love the beading on the edge and the way is each side is a reverse of the other!
The ornament I made was not nearly as elegant - I feel rather badly.  It was designed to be a door hanger since I couldn't figure out what people do with valentines' ornaments - do people actually have valentines trees, I wondered?  It is a simple cross stitch design on linen, sewn together and the edges frayed out to make a fringe.  I intended to cover the sewing line with a white embroidered chain stitch but ran out of time.  My bad!

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D1-D2 said...

I actually don't understand what people do with all those ornaments either (except for the christmas ones). Yours looks cute though. How do you make sure the fabric doesn't just unravel? Do you baste it?