Monday, December 1, 2014

African Folklore Embroidery Project Finished

 I joined a new little stitching group in Okotoks a couple months ago and they do projects together.  So, the first one was an African Folklore Embroidery kit.  The black twill comes with the pattern printed on it and you have a handful of assorted pearl cottons to complete it with.  The challenge of this to me was to keep to the tradition of not paying much attention to what colour you used.  The idea is to be random in your choices - use whatever colour you pull out next and to just switch to another colour when you run out.  Not as easy as it sounds to get yourself to do!  lol
 When my darling daughter saw the work in progress, she laid claim to it as a gift for her fellow nursing student from Zimbabwe.  Poor Mary has no family here and has not been home for several years.  Katie is hoping that this will give her a reminder of home and also a reminder that she has friends here who love her and sympathize with homesick feelings.  I made the piece up into a shopping bag or tote bag for her which I hope she will like.
The inside of the bag is lined with some colourful batik cotton which gives it a pop of colour and fun.  I have to say I used a wonderful tutorial I found online which makes assembly of bags, including Christmas gift bags, so easy! This tutorial from So Sew Easy is a real gem! Very handy at this time or year so check it out!


Marilyn said...

Yikes, I'd have trouble just using whatever colour came out of the box but the bag is lovely. I'm sure your DD's friend will love it.

Maureen said...

That really speaks to me! I love piecing CQ in all black fabrics because no matter the colors, everything blends and looks great. I'm not at all surprised that you could just pull colors without looking and end up with a gem. Great work!