Saturday, February 8, 2014

Stitching Done on Christmas Ornament

I still need to do the finishing but the stitching is done on this Susan Portra ornament.  Now, take into account I am just starting to explore canvaswork so make allowances!  And the little cabachon things defeated me completely when it came to getting them lined up but I am hoping it won't be noticeable when the finishing work is done.
The kit for this one was another thrift store find - couple bucks - gotta love it.  With my new stash busting regime if I buy it I have to do it so here it is. With my love of all things shiny I have to admit I was drawn to it.
There were new stitches to try with this - some I loved, some not so much so.
Now the thing is that there is a lot of threads left as well as lots of canvas... so I think I'll try to make another ornament, a variation on the theme, and then there will likely still be threads and canvas left so it will be ATCs from that! I'll keep you posted.


Marilyn said...

That's the trouble with projects - there are always bits left over that means you have more little bits to use up. My sane quilt scraps fill two large rough totes and I just keep adding more instead of getting rid of any (sigh)

Suztats said...

I love it when there's stuff left over!
I'm attracted to the colours in this--so very pretty. Have fun!