Saturday, October 13, 2012


A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a meeting of stitchers in Saskatoon and enjoyed the customsry exchange of little favours among the attendees.  I love these little stitching items and thought I would share them with you.  The first item here is a little needlebook from Cochrane Big Hill Needlearts Guild.  
When you open it up there is room to park your needles and included were these two sweet counting pins adorned with crystals.

The second item is a needleroll - you can see it here rolled up as well as opened up and ready to add a needle or pin stash to.
This is a clever idea - a thread counter or place holder when you are doing counted thread work.  I hadn't seen or heard of these handy little helpers until very recently.  I thought - what a genius idea!  It's one of those cases where everyone else in the world knows all about something and you discover it late and can't get over what a wonderful idea it was! lol

Speaking of brilliant ideas, I had never seen or heard of these thread straighteners either but |I'm glad I have now!
Now, this is just so sweet:  two little shells which sandwich a pincushion inside and two beautifully embellished pins added for marking your place in your work.
Sometime it is all about the presentation!  This is a handy piece of beeswax is in the shape of a starfish.

I received a couple more including a lovely ATC by Joyce Gill but I think I left that photo on my other computer so I am not sble to shared them.
Some attendees who do not have time to make little favours generously shared blank insert cards and patterns.
I have to admit to having an absolute favourite and it is this one.  \Everything is included to embellish this cute little pin stand - the pinstand itself, thread, silk ribbon, evenweave and choice of patterns as well as a piece of that fuzzy fabric you use to hold your beads when you are beading.I'll share this one with you again when I have completed it and I'll show you what I made for my favours - I don't have any left but want to make some more.

Isn't it a great custom we sitchers have  of gfting each other with little tools and trinkets when we get together?  I love making them, giving them and receiving hem and am always on the lookout for new ideas!  I would love to hear about any more ideas anyone has.

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JennyPennyPoppy said...

Hi Kerry, all the favours you received look so lovely and the shell pincushion is especially neat. I too enjoy making and receiving favours and right now am still thoroughly enjoying making atc's.