Friday, July 1, 2011

Notes from the Lake

A bit more of my summer reading list for you - Tales of a Female Nomad, written by Rita Golden Gelman, is a fascinating true account of a woman's travels around the world.  This was another recommendation by Janet - thank you!  I was also happy to see there was a sequel which I am now happily immersed in.

Another of Janet's recommendations, The Year of the Flood, written by a great Canadian author, Margaret Atwood.  I loved this post-apocalyptic novel and have decided it is well past time to get back to reading the rest of Atwood's books that I have missed along the way.

 The Fifth Witness, by Michael Connelly, was recommended in a comment by "lewmew" here on my blog.  This was a very good read - a "lawyer mystery" along the lines of John Grisham.  Since Grisham doesn't write fast enough to suit me, I will be checking out more by this author to get my fix of this type of book.

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lewmew said...

Glad you liked The Fifth Witness!

Linda (aka lewmew)