Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Missing Quilts!

CT Publishing has recently announced that a few quilts, in their guardianship, disappeared after Spring Quilt Market. They've done everything they can do to find these quilts and are now asking for our help to find 3 cover quilts and a table runner.

The quilts have gone missing from a quilt show. Please take a good look at the photos, and watch for these turning up somewhere.  CT Publishing, who had these quilts in their possession, has offered a $4,000.00 reward for the return of the quilts.  If only one quilt is found, the reward will be pro-rated on the appraised values of the quilt.

It breaks my heart that Allison Aller has lost her beautiful crazy quilt especially.  This quilt is such a work of art from Allison's heart and hands, and is definitely irreplaceable. 

Years ago, my mother entered a large embroidered tablecloth in the local handicraft show.  The tablecloth was embroidered by my sister, who was away at university at the time, and my mother acted out of a sense of motherly pride in her work.  Mom could imagine how excited my sister would be when she told her after the fact that she had entered the tablecloth and it had won a ribbon!  Well, after the show the tablecloth was not to be found - someone had "lifted" it!  Fortunately, my mother was able to obtain the same materials again and she and I stitched feverishly and replaced the missing item before my sister arrived home at Christmas.  She was never the wiser.  I still remember when the item was not there at the end of the show and competition: the disbelief; the frantic searching; and finally the sick feeling settling into the pit of our stomachs.  Both my sister and I learned embroidery at my mother's knee and our work was all very similar at that time so we could "fix" this.  These quilts that are missing are not something you can replicate or replace. 
I hope you will help increase awareness of missing quilts and help in the effort to get missing quilts back into the hands of the creator and/or respective owners.


SewCalGal said...

Thanks for helping to get the word out on these missing quilts.


Anonymous said...

How devastating! My sons stopped entering 4H projects in the fair after theirs and some friends' projects disappeared. Hopefully, the quilts will come home!

Nicki Lee said...

My heart aches for Allie's loss. When I return home from my trip I will certainly blog about this to get the awareness out there. I pray that the missing quilts turn up soon.

lewmew said...

The same thing happened to Jenny from Sublime Stitching - someone stole one of her pieces from an exhibit. You know, this is creative stuff people, do it YOURSELF if you like it!