Saturday, January 24, 2009

On The Seamy Side RR Block

I couldn't resist changing the header on my blog when I got this block back! Thank you to Bonnie, Candi, Clairee, Meg and Jeanne who all did work on this for me. It was a round robin block for the On the Seamy Side Round Robin at CQI. We had specific stitches we had to use each go around so it was great practice on seams. I made this block up as the front of a tea cozy I am going to make and keep for myself. It was done in bridal fabrics and all the stitching and embellishments are whites, creams and gold. Isn't it pretty? Now I need to get the back done so I can put it together.


morvoren said...

this is beautiful kerry,
Hope the kettles on and cake too lol!!

I recon that book you send me i won in prize draw got lost in post :O((( Never arrived.
I would hate you to think I didnt say THANK YOU Kerry..but never arrived here....what a shame and you were so kind to send me too.
Hugs from Pam UK

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Oh Pam, I'm so sorry it never arrived. I will get another SRE book off in the mail to you asap.
Thanks for letting me know.

Marsha said...

Beautiful Block! It makes such a nice header for your blog. The stitches are so nice!