Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Build a Seam - Week 13

Here is the first Build a Seam Challenge of the New Year! I have to admit that if this stitch has a name I don't know what it is but it looks like a broken herringbone to me so I guess that's what I'll call it. There are two rows of stitches mirroring each other - herringbone like stitches that don't meet at the seam line. The second row of stitching exactly mirrors it below so that you end up with these little boxes. If anyone knows the name of this stitch I would appreciate learning it.


pam said...

Happy New year Kerry :O)

Thanks for that seam...Hmm a very different one that!
Will have a bash at it.
Hugs from Pam

Anonymous said...

That is certainly emphasizing this stitch in a different way. I'll think about using that one soon.