Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On the Seamy Side RR

First off, let me apologize for the awful pic on this! Only five days til my birthday when hopefully dh will present me with a new digital camera that will take some decent pics! Also I just noticed the doily is up and not down into the corner as I intend it to be. lol - oh well...
Anyway, this is the block I made today for the On the Seamy Side Round Robin at CQI. It is a bit big and has a few less than seams than I hoped for but I am sure it will be okay. Since I have been working on BC blocks I had lots of cream and white scraps and thought it would be fun to do a cream on cream coloured project. This is going to be one side of a tea cozy when it is done. While it is making its rounds I will be working on the other side of the tea cozy and then be able to sew them together after the round robin.
This round robin is a sampler one - each month we will be working on a different stitch. Also, it is mainly seams and not many motifs so I think it will be really pretty. Can't wait to see it as it makes its rounds.

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