Sunday, December 16, 2007

Jill's Blocks - Little CQ Bag

Now, these are better pictures, right? From the files at CQI I have copied the original pictures from these two DYB blocks Jill completed. I am much happier with these pictures, because they are very clear and allow you to see all Jill's stitching and ingenuity. They don't quite do justice to the sparkle etc. but you can't have it all! lol
The little purse was constructed very simply. Basically two 6" DYB blocks sewn together on three sides and a lining inside made the same way. I added two beaded fringes to the bottom of the bag and a metallic cord strap. It went together quickly and easily and it makes me happy to know the blocks are out of my stash and out having a happy life somewhere!

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