Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thrift Store Jewelry Box

Well, here is another transformation in the making. Although, at this point I have to admit nothing has been done except finding this jewelry box at the thrift store and parting with a dollar of my hard earned cash in order to bring it home!

The wood is all in good condition, the knob is loose and the top has an inserted velour picture.

The inside of the top is an ugly gold velour paper with a mirror glued on well enough to survive the end of the earth. The box has a ring tray inside of matching gold velvet and a lining of the same gold velour paper.

I hope no one has one of these sitting in a place of honour on their dresser cause I don't want to hurt any feelings when I say I think it is hideous! lol

What it does have though, as far as my initial inspecion shows, is a deconstructability that will enable me to make something else of it - something more pleasing to my eye even if the world at large may not agree! So, stay tuned - I will update this piece as I go along.

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