Sunday, November 6, 2016

Baby Quilt & Baby!

I have been working on this embroidered baby quilt for the last six months!  I could not believe how much embroidery was on it once I started.  It looked so simple with the stamped design and consisted of mostly large cross stitch but it took me forever!  I started soon after I found out my son and daughter-in-law were expecting and managed to finish it two weeks after my new grandson was born.  My excuse for that is that little Lucas arrived three weeks early so I was actually done before he was expected to arrive.  Since I finished this, I am totally immersed in small stitching projects which require me to use my glasses and magnifier and are tiny enough to finish in a couple days - sort of a backlash from this endless stamped embroidery!
This is my gorgeous grandson, Lucas.  This photo was taken while he was still in hospital.  What a sweetie, eh?!  He was three weeks old yesterday and Mom and Baby are doing very well.  He is a bit tiny because he was early.  I am thrilled to be a new Grandma!!


Joyce from PEI said...

Your new Grandson is adorable Kerry!! Enjoy tis time. they grow sooooo fast!!

Cheryl Kinkaid said...

The baby is adorable.