Sunday, March 20, 2016

Round Robin Work Finished

 The counted thread round robin I was in on EAC Virtual Threads is done now.  I did my work on the last two pieces and received my piece back.

These butterflies are what I added on this one.  I was a bit disappointed in my contribution to this one.  If you click on the photo of the entire piece below you can see all the really lovely techniques that had already been added.  Obviously, the theme for this piece was butterflies!

This piece had a theme of things you would find in a garden and we were leaving space in the centre for a favourite quote.  I added my favourite flowers to this one - a couple of sweet peas.

Last but certainly not least, I received my piece back.  My theme was Hallowe'en and I was looking for a sampler style piece I could use as a bell pull in my holiday decor.  
I am very pleased with all the fun motifs everyone embroidered for me.  I asked for some space to be left at the top and bottom so I could add some more myself when it came home - have to make up my mind now what to add.  
It was an enjoyable round robin - challenging at times but I think everyone is happy with their finished pieces.


shawkl said...

What fun! Lovely work from all! There is enough room at the top of the bellpull, next to the witch for "Boo"! Hugs, Kathy

D1-D2 said...

All these pieces look like fun. It's great to see all the different types of stitching on the butterfly piece.