Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Couple More Book Reviews

 I've polished off a few more books this week - the joys of no television!  If you liked Tuesdays with Morrie, you will like Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom.  As a matter of fact, you should probably read anything you can find by Mitch Albom - well worth reading - feel-good books and easy reads.
 Of course, Kathy Reichs is a favourite - this is another book in the series and I enjoyed it.
This one was completely different - I likely picked it up thinking Wool was fibre related but it turned out to be a sci-fi - sort of a post apocolyptic thing.  I have to say I enjoyed it a lot - a good read!


Barb said...

I will have to write that down....thanks for the reading material ideas.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I had no idea Bones originated from a book series. I'm going to look into it. I don't watch Bones, I don't know why because it's really my kind of thing. I'll probably love the book series.
xx, Carol

Anonymous said...

I think Wool is the start of an interesting series - I read one that was later in the series, accidentally. You might like All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr - NY Times calls it one of the ten best of 2014, and that would normally be the kiss of death to me, but I had to read it to write a lit test for it, and it's really good - and different.

gocrazywithme said...

Wool is on my list as well. I've read the first chapter or two and post-apocalyptic is my favorite genre. Have to be careful not to read too many of those in a row, though, or I have really weird and disturbing dreams.