Monday, August 12, 2013

My Last AAQI Quilts

The work of AAQI is drawing to a close at the end of this year.  I have really enjoyed supporting this wonderful grass-roots organization that has raised funds for research into Alzheimers and other forms of dementia.  All good things must come to an end though and the goal of the organization now is to reach  a million dollars raised before they are done.  I think they will make it!  My personal goal is to have my little quilts raise a thousand dollars.  With this in mind, I went into a stitching frenzy as the last day to register quilts for donation and managed to register six on the last day.

These first two are entitled Flower Girl 1 and Flower Girl 2.  I found the vintage pieces of surface embroidery in a thrift store and made them into small quilts.  The stitching reminds me of the stamped embroidery I did as a child with whatever threads were available for me to use in my mother's stitching supplies.  I love the exuberant colours the stitcher used!  I remember what a shock it was when |I got into counted cross stitch and the patterns told me what colours to use - I was used to more freedom! 
This lovely bit of completed cross stitch was another thrift store find.  I had the perfect fabric in my stash for the binding and backing - white capped waves.  Logically enough, this one is entitled Lighthouse.
Okay, so maybe I spend too much time and money in the thrift store??  I thought this was a lovely bit of cross stitch and I had to bring it home as well and use it to make a small crazy quilt.  The hardest part was trying to keep the seam treatments simple.  This one is called Tea Party and I think it would look sweet in a child's room.
These last two quilts were made from one large crazy quilt block that I reworked.  This first one is called "Remember Me".  I shared this one in progress in an earlier post.
This last one is called Autumn Gold because of the colours.  
I have my fingers crossed that these six quilts, together with another from the Heartbreak to Hope exhibit, will manage to put me over the $1,000.00 mark.  Wish me luck!

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Annie said...

Wow! You really got busy! Hope your quilts bring in big bucks so everyone wins.

I'm sorry to see this effort come to an end. A victim of its own success I guess.