Monday, April 16, 2012

BAS - Week 83 - Adapting Faggoting Stitches for Couching

Here is the stitch I have chosen for this Build a Seam (BAS) Challenge.  I was browsing through some old embroidery books and came across a whole series of faggoting stitches.  If you aren't familiar with faggoting, it is the term given to joining two pieces of fabric by means of an insertion stitch.  In this case though, I decided to use this particular stitch, a triple buttonhole stitch which switches back and forth across the gap between the fabrics, as a means to couch down a gold cord instead. 

You can read more about Faggoting at Victorian Embroidery and Crafts.  You will find more about the history of faggoting as well as a variety of stitches with very good diagrams. 

So, the challenge this time around is to adapt a faggoting stitch to use it for couching instead, either this stitch or another one.  Have fun!

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