Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One Christmas Present Done Last Night

Well, it is a pretty small project but anything off the Christmas list is a bonus!  We call these "nap blankets" at our house and they are just perfect to curl up with when you want 40 winks.  It's very simple - two meters (or yards) of 60" fleece.  Go all around the outside cutting fringe and knotting it and it's done!  lol - told you it was an easy project!  This one is for dd - I thought she would like the design on this fabric and "starving students" can't always afford to have the thermostat too high!  These wash well and I've never had any trouble with unravelling or fraying - too easy!


Laurie said...

Those blankets are the best Kerry, I have several and they're so cozy. Love the fleece on this one!

Murgelchen94..... Be yourself...an original is always more valuable than a copy. said...

So smple, but gooood idea. Thanks.