Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Crackers Revealed!

Remember the Christmas Crackers I received a little while back from my friends in the CQI Christmas Cracker exchange? Well, finally Christmas came and I could open them! What wonderful goodies I received - I am tickled pink! The one above is from Simona in Italy. You can see the crazy quilt block that was the outside of the cracker as well as the goodies that were concealed inside. There are is a lovely crochet fan to embellish with as well as a beautiful bejeweled crochet angel for my tree. These are so welcome because I myself do not crochet. The wonderful threads you can see here are perle #8, hand dyed from South Africa, and I can't wait to use them - they are so lovely! There were also buttons, ribbons and beads all picked especially to coordinate with the cq block so I can embellish it to my heart's content. Thank you Simona!

This second cracker is from Meg in the US - another beautiful crazy quilt block to embellish! Meg included a chocolate bar from Europe which I will admit did not last until Christmas because it was outside the cracker and I am very weak willed! lol I did wait to open the cracker itself up though and it was well worth waiting for! There is extra fabric, beads, trim, metallic thread and the most wonderful ribbons. One very generous length is dyed pink with lovely gold edges. I will find something special to do with it. Thank you Meg!


Rose Anne B said...

Lovely cracker Kerry, aren't we lucky to have such awesome CQing friends? And you have two!!! Enjoy.

Meg said...

Glad you like it and liked the chocolate, too.

Candi said...

Wow Kerry, what wonderful Cracker's you got:) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.