Monday, May 12, 2008

Ulla's Replacement Blocks

I had the chance to do some "angel work" on replacement blocks for Ulla that went missing in the mail in the Sampler Round Robin. Happily, the original blocks finally turned up via Pony Express but the replacement blocks are still making the rounds so will be a nice little extra for Ulla.

This round robin specified specific stitches for each person - I managed to keep with the stitches although not necessarily the ones that I was supposed to do. But since they are replacement blocks and the originals were found I think it is forgivable.
On the first one I did a spider web and the seam next to it with french knots, detached chain stitch and feather stitch. Below that is a buttonhole seam I did.

On the second block I did a feather stitch seam in variegated thread with beads and a french knot tree. It was supposed to be a topiary - one of those spiral ones. I think I went too subtle with the shading though so now I think I should string Christmas lights on it cause that's what it looks like to me! I won't do it though - I'll behave! I did a funny seam underneath that that had Cretan stitch and detached chain stitch and then I ended up threading some silk ribbon through the cretan stitch. Not sure where I was going with that one. Anyway, it is done and in the mail!

The lake is a challenge as usual at the beginning of the year getting all the kinks worked out with the power, generator, etc. I'm optimistic though that it will all be working well soon.

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